Kate Garraway shared win with husband Derek in emotional phone call after standing ovation



Accepting her award, she said: “Thank you so much. It was hugely brave decision of ITV to commission this they didn’t know what they were making, they didn’t know they were making a story about bereavement or about a triumph.

“Lucy arrived at our home not knowing if she was seeing a family in grief or relief. In the end really it ended up being something between the two.”

Fighting back tears, she continued: “Thank you so much for voting. I wonder if the reason you did because our story is your story. We have all been touched by the pandemic. Whether it’s livelihood, mental health, all the other extraordinary documentaries which have been highlighted and nominated tonight, they have also been affected by the pandemic.

“And I want to say to all the other Darcey’s and Billy’s and Derek’s – whatever you’re going through and however you are affected, you are not forgotten.”

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