NS&I Green Savings Bonds: Rishi Sunak ‘between a rock and hard place’ over interest rates | Personal Finance | Finance


“Presumably the government won’t want money flowing in and out regularly, so an instant access account doesn’t look feasible, and a product that locks up savings for say five years looks more appropriate. The longer the government asks savers to keep their money in the bond, the less take-up they are likely to get without offering a seriously big slice of interest.”

Mr Khalaf warned: “Sunak is between a rock and a hard place here. If he hikes rates up for the green bond, he’ll face criticism for needlessly spending money when government borrowing is already sky high. If the Chancellor opts for fiscal prudence, it may be that the ability to save in a way that helps green causes, together with the security and brand of NS&I, is able to overcome any quibbles over the interest rates on offer.

“But with rising inflation a clear and present danger to cash returns, consumers may well be picky about the interest rate they get on their money, particularly if it’s locked away for the longer term.”

According to Rachel Springall, finance expert at Moneyfacts.co.uk, it may well be that these bonds do end up drawing in savers due to the safety and the ethical aspects, rather than the interest rate.

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