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The family were unable to get to the point of saving because there is always something coming up which they need to spend money on. Gemma said: “We go from one financial hurdle to the next, really.

Ms Richardson have asked the couple to reduce their spend on Wi-fi and get a better deal as a way to save money.

She added: “Top tip, don’t accept the first discount you are offered. Hold your nerve, a better deal might follow.

“Lots of mobile phone network providers offer freebies when you switch – we’re talking cinema tickets, concert tickets, and also free streaming services for up to 24 months.”

As a big family, their food shop was always going to be a big spend.

“If you keep that up, that’s almost £5000 pounds a year,” Ms Richardson said.

With five children, Gemma explained she can easily do about 4 cycles a day in the washing machine. However, with advice from Peachy, the family can save up to £40 a month on electricity by using the washing machine at off peak times.

Additionally, Gemma and Lee spend £170 a month on their 20-year-old daughter Georgia, transferring her money when she needs it for clothes, or going out, even though she has a job and makes her own money.

Georgia spends around £400 a month on clothes as when she goes out, she always buys something new. However, by cutting the amount she spends on clothes, and by selling some things on Depop, she was able to save £453. Georgia is now able to pay her mum dad £150 rent, as all her money is not being spent on clothes.

Taking into account all the tips learnt, the Copesticks were able to save £1,168 a month.

Gemma said: “It’s an eye opener wasn’t it. How a few small things can make such a big difference.”

Georgia added: I have definitely learnt that you can still live your best life, while saving money at the same time.”

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