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The state pension is something that one can claim once they reach state pension age – which has been rising in recent years. It recently turned 66, but further changes are ahead. 

Once the state pension claiming form has been filled out and returned, people should receive their state pension soon after.

During Pension Geeks’ Pension Awareness Live Webinar titled The State Pension explained, presenters James and Sarah discussed the state pension and when one can receive it.

Sarah said: “Once it [state pension] has started, you will get it ever four weeks. This is the nerdy bit, the day you will pay your state pension depends on the last two digits of your national insurance number.”

“I did not know that,” James responded.

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To complete the form, each person can use the website and fill out the state pension claim form.

Alternatively, people can request a form from the Pension Service over the phone, or people can print it out and send it back.

The most important thing is ensuring the form is filled out.

People are entitled to the full state pension if they can prove they have over 35 years of National Insurance contributions.

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