Topless protester happy about Britain’s food shortages and will ‘never’ date a meat eater | UK | News


The environmentalist added that she will also “never” date a meat-eater. Ms Amherst has been a vegan for seven years. Speaking to the Daily Star, she said she is “happy” about the potential food shortages this Christmas because it will mean less meat on the shelves.

The 31-year-old added how feels “perfectly healthy” with her diet.

Ms Amherst is encouraging people to eat a plant-based diet if the country runs out of meat because of the current HGV driver shortage.

Supply chains problems in the UK have led to decreased production with food producers.

This has been exacerbated by labour shortages and post-Brexit immigration rules.

Ms Amherst said: “I feel more sorry for the animals than I do the people that are complaining that they can’t eat them.

“As a vegan who believes that no animal should be killed for the sake of a sandwich, it does make me happy that there will be less meat on the shelves.

“But it’s not exactly going to stop people from trying to kill and eat animals.

“I will piss people off if I say I’m happy about it, but if you want the truth, I am.”

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She said: “I wish more people would reduce their meat.

“I want people to consider the all-around benefits of veganism.

“I have been vegan for nearly seven years now, and I’m perfectly healthy.”

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