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Martin Shanahan, the then-newly appointed head of Ireland’s foreign development agency, the IDA, appeared on CNBC’s business show, Squawk Box, to discuss Ireland’s economic position on the world stage.

Mr Shanahan was asked by a presenter Becky Quick how Ireland’s tourism industry was tackling the weakening of the euro. Before he had chance to answer, co-host Joe Kernen interrupted: “You’re pounds anyway aren’t you?”

Mr Shanahan calmly replied saying that Ireland uses euros, not pounds. Then Kernen exclaimed: “You have euros in Ireland?! Why do you have euros in Ireland?!”

The host rambled on, saying: “I would use the pound. What about Scotland? I was using Scottish pounds?”

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Mr Shanahan then said that the islands are “very close, but entirely separate” before confusing Kernen further by announcing that Northern Ireland uses pounds, “They do?!” he said in surprise.

The host’s faux pas, from 2014, has gone viral once again after appearing on Reddit. BBC journalist Charlie Haynes shared the clip with the caption: “I can’t stop watching this interview on repeat. Absolutely incredible Alan Partridge level interview skills.”

The Financial Times’ political correspondent Jim Pickard, also shared the interview saying it was “broadcasting at its worst and also best”.

Thousands of users have gone on to share their thoughts including one man who said: “Tell me you are an American, without telling me you’re an American.”

Another replied: “Listen… I am American and I know better than this! Whoever this guy is, he should not be on a financial show! This is embarrassing.”

A third despaired: “I thought at first the interviewer was trying to be funny, a joke…and then I realised that is not what it was.”

A fourth added: “By his logic France is so close it should use pounds sterling too and we are all one country!” 

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