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Families across the UK will be testing planet friendly products and trying the unknown, to see if even little changes can make a difference when you Shop Well For the Planet. Mum Alison and dad Alex have a car each and Chris estimated that on average they are spending just under £4,500 a year on fuel alone.

By switching to electric cars, people could make potential savings on their road tax and insurance, Chris suggested.

As well as saving on fuel, the family could make a saving of £2,000 a year by switching to electric cars, as well as saving six tonnes of carbon a year.

Transport in the UK accounts for 28 percent of greenhouse gas emissions. Another big “carbon culprit” is energy.

Jo and Chris revealed that as a family, their carbon footprint was over 14 tonnes per person.


Jo explained that people should not only shop around for the cheapest deal, but the greenest deal too.

Jo revealed the family could be improving their carbon footprint by two tonnes and saving £160 a year if they changed their energy supplier at the time this was filmed.

Furthermore, when Alex cooks for his family, he buys a lot of minced meat, but he doesn’t usually think about where this is actually coming from.

The family spend about £100 a week on their food shop and half of this is on meat.

However, Chris explained that there are great savings to be made if the Fortington-Neaves buy British produce and buy in season.

By incorporating more vegetables into their meals, and remaking some of their favourite take aways, the family can make a saving of £1,100 a year.

When looking at their cleaning products, and hygiene bottles, Jo revealed they had over 75 single use plastic bottles.

Limiting single use plastic bottles is a big step to becoming greener, and also saving some hard-earned cash.

Jo suggested they use a washing egg to replace her buying both laundry detergent and fabric conditioner.

Alison said: “That was the best thing to wash my clothes with.”

The egg costs £9.99 to buy and includes pellets which costs £4.99 to refill. This works out at ten pence a wash. These eggs can last for up to 10 years which is the equivalent of 60 plastic bottles of detergent. It’s a huge saving for the environment but also a saving of £100 a year.

Additionally, Jo suggested a swap of shampoo bottles, to a shampoo bar. With this, the family can save £75 a year as they will not go through as many plastics bottles.

By taking into account all of the swaps the team gave, the family could save almost £4,000, and reduce their average carbon footprint to 11.5 tonne, lower than the national average. That is a saving of 10 tonnes of carbon for this family of four.

Alison said: “It’s been an eye-opener.

“That’s incredible that we’re saving money, but also saving our carbon with hardly any effort. The misconception is that it’s more expensive to be eco when it really isn’t.”

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