Queen’s Wales visit overshadowed by furious Welsh republicans: ‘Ridiculous posturing!’ | Royal | News


République Cymru wrote on Twitter ahead of the royals’ arrival at the Senedd on October 14: “We don’t need a monarch to validate our Senedd’s existence and right to exist as our seat of democracy within Wales.

“It’s very existence was decided upon by the people and will one day be free of the vestiges of this ridiculous posturing to individuals. #NoKingsNoQueensNoCrowns”

The sentiment appeared to be approved by Republic, a campaigning group calling for the election of the British head of state, as it retweeted the Welsh republicans’ post.

République Cymru had already voiced their discontent for the royal visit to the Senedd on October 13, when rehearsal and preparations to welcome the Queen were underway.

The group wrote on Twitter: “Oh I do wish the fawning over the Windsors would end.

“Sooner we start to sever the ties of fealty to this system the better.

“Get rid of swearing an oath to Liz in the Senedd would a great start.”

While the Welsh republican group voiced its disagreement with the position of the Crown in Wales, it did not appear to damp the excitement of the many royal fans and well-wishers who gathered outside the Senedd to catch a glimpse of the Queen, her heir and his wife. 

Prince Charles and Camilla entered the government’s building at Cardiff Bay a few minutes before the monarch and stopped to speak briefly with some of the schoolchildren waiting for them while flying Welsh and UK flags. 

The Queen’s arrival was marked by a 21-gun salute outside the Senedd.

The royals were then greeted by Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford and other officials. 

For the second time this week, Her Majesty was handed a walking stick after stepping outside her car. 

She walked using it until reaching the Senedd’s chamber, where she chose to walk unaided. 


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